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Create a safe workplace that minimizes risk to the employee and complies with CDC guidelines.  It also provides best practices of how tape is being used in various business settings for social distance.

Healthcare workers face a wide range of eye and face hazards on a moment to moment basis.  The consequence of poor protection is a wide variety of injuries, including transmission of infectious diseases.

While having the right amount of active ingredients in a product is very important, the total formulation of a product impacts its performance and user experience.  Each of these will influence how often products are used.

Discuss challenges hospitals, universities, and school districts face in their Lockout Tagout (LOTO) journey, the elements of their programs they'll need to consider, and the solutions  for compliance.

Welding Safety Solutions for the Manufacturing & Transportation Industries.  Learn more about welding safety solutions in the manufacturing and transportation industries. Keep your body and workspace safe!

Eliminate Hidden Factories: Using Tape in the Manufacturing and Transportation Market. Learn about how to create efficiency in your manufacturing process with the help of Shuretape expertise.

Managing Risk, Worker Acceptance, and Protection Spend. Learn how Radians Assessment & Wear Test Tools help manage the noise from opinions to make objective decisions that produce results.

Review the basics of noise-induced hearing loss and  different types of hearing protective devices. This 101 level course will showcase a few reasons why noise-induced hearing loss is the most common injury.

Review the common hazards in the metalworking industries, focusing primarily on welding and metal finishing exposures including weld fume inhalation exposure, risk of eye injuries, and noise exposures.

It’s easy to think of head injuries as catastrophic, and they certainly can be. It’s also easy to think of hard hats as the head injury prevention solution, and they certainly do provide essential protection.  But let's go a little further.

Examine the common challenges of maintaining a Gas Detection Program in manufacturing settings, including managing compliance, personnel, and the products.  Join us to learn more!

We will discuss some of the top concerns manufacturing facilities have with business continuity being at the top of the list. The global pandemic has impacted everyone in some way or another in business.